Motion control board of hivertec of pioneer of motor control by personal computer

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Introduced our company's products by "Nikkei".

2006/10 Motion control board advanced. Improvement of development efficiency of device manufacturer. The load of soft development is reduced. Shortening of tact time. Details
2006/05 The solution of the motion control evolves further. The new front is developed while advancing the collaboration with the other companies with steady steps. The demonstration of the latest application is announced by "The 9th Exhibition of Advanced Enbedded Systems Technologies(ESEC)". Details
2006/03 Feature of 12 axis motion control board. Controll 12 axes with one board. Multi axes and the conserve slot are united. Special cables and the ACB boards besides the main body of the board correspond to the RoHS instruction. Details
2005/10 Hivertec released as for the product for Motionnet of a high-speed cereal bus. Control 64 modules or less with one board, and making of multi axis-system motion network. Details
2005/06 Motion control board to which concern rises. It contributes to the development efficiency improvement of the complicated embedded system. The flexibility that can correspond to the computer in various forms while succeeding to a soft property is paid to attention. Details
2005/04 The evolution of the motion control is pursued while distributing eyes to users' needs. Work on motion network using the network and doing speed-up to make good use of knowhow of control technology. Details
2004/12 Proposals the embedded board specification in the PC/104 base to the industry. Drawing out wiring is possible, and it is easy, and the installation of the flat cable connector is also possible. Details
2004/06 Motion control board for PC to which importance rises. The market is cut open by a variegated sample program and a strong support. Details